Tulipani Viola
I am an Italian artist who loves to paint landscapes with acrylic but not disdain also different techniques and subjects because I like to experiment. I always wanted to do this once grown up (although for a time I put in my head to become an archaeologist!).

At some point I got detached from the classical course of study and began a more eclectic way, studying other painters who I felt near and self-taught.

Nature has a great importance in my life, I love animals, travel, books, old things that have a history and gardening. I grew up in the countryside but now I live near the woods where I go as often as possible.

The art has been and is my salvation because it helped me to get out of depression after my father passed away many years ago. Now I can not help but paint, is a necessity and a joy of expression.

I like doing things with my heart and convey emotions with my paintings. It's very nice if I can help others to feel good.